There are no translations available.1 апреля 2014г. компанией «Альтреза» был заключен договор с ОАО «ПОЛАИР» на выполнение работ по гарантийно-техническому обслуживанию и ремонту на территории обслуживания.
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There are no translations available.27.01.2014 Действующий Сервис-Партнер RATIONAL в г. Новокузнецк. ООО «Альтреза Сервис плюс» является авторизированным Сервис-Партнером в г. Новокузнецк
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About company

Our activity comprises two parts.


1.         Granting services for public catering establishments, both municipal and commercial, grocery shops, hypermarkets, enterprises of the food-processing industry.

Our services concern the electromechanical, thermal, refrigerating and mechanical equipment.

Maintenance service

Repair of any complexity.



Installation and dismantle.

Starting-up and adjustment works.

Selection of spare parts.

2.         Complete set of utensils and equipment for municipal and commercial public catering establishments, grocery shops, hypermarkets, enterprises of the food-processing industry.


Our territory of activity.

            Altay Territory, the Republic of Altai, Kemerovo Region, Tomsk Region, Novosibirsk Region. The whole country is viewed as a prospect in the long term.


Our special features

Actual positive operational experience with various types of the equipment of different manufacturers. A specialized workshop. The company’s own motor-vehicle pool. Operational experience in remote places. High readiness and mobility of service brigades. Plus high qualification and professionalism. We are the enthusiasts of our work.


Our view of services.

The future belongs to high-quality service. And basically, we wish to create the system of services for the whole of our huge country.


Our attitude to charity.

So far we can only afford the organization of New Year holidays for the abandoned kids in one of the hospitals. Some of them live in the hospital since their birth, waiting for their turn to be taken to an orphanage for years. In fact these children generally drop out of social life of the country before their actual enrolment in an orphanage. With the growth of our company, the charity campaign for the abandoned children will be extended. The only award we expect for our charity is the smiles and laughter of children.


Our interests.

While working, we visit places which impress us. Photographing them, we hold them in our memory and we wish to share impressions with others.